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New Office Open!

I came to check out my blog and realized it truly is “Barely a Blog!” I didn’t realize I hadn’t made any posts since October. Yikes! I think the holidays hit and then I was concentrating on opening my own practice so everything else went lower down the priority list. Yes, you heard right.

The new practice is open in Hollywood! It’s just west of I95 on Hollywood Blvd in the Wachovia building. It’s a great location – easy to get to and the office turned out pretty cozy.

My partner is Lisa Zucker, LCSW. She specializes in cancer and grief counseling and does a lot of work with Gilda’s Club. Give either one of us a shout if you’re looking for counseling.

Life gets hard sometimes and there are people (moi) who actually enjoy helping you through it. Some people come in and have a hard time understanding that. They feel like they’re burdening me with their problems. But they’re not. . . if I didn’t enjoy what I do, enjoy helping someone work through what’s going on for them, I couldn’t be a therapist for long.

It does take some self-care. I take measures for myself to not burn out, to remain good at what I do and present for my clients. That’s my responsibility and ultimately I do that for my clients so they don’t have to worry about any “burden” they may feel.

Goal for next blog – post it in a month! Take care!