Parxting texting at the park; also known as a way to stay sane as a mom or dad; yours truly coined this one while “parxting” my friend in Seattle, Jill Gross. She’s a great psychotherapist¬† in Seattle if you ever need one, btw!

I used to complain about “cell phone moms.” How they never paid attention, never played with their kids, were always on the phone at the park. Then my kids passed the age where I needed to be hands on. They were happy playing and making their own friends at the park. I was (and am) still available should they need me but alot of the time I found myself just sitting around. Can anyone say boredom? So that’s why all those moms were on the phone!

The ideal is to have a friend (or lots of friends) join you. But what do you do sitting at the park if you’re alone? Here are some ideas for you.

  • Read a book
  • Drag your quilting or knitting with you
  • Take a notebook and write in it (yep, like actual hand writing . . .). Plan your world domination or at least how to escape the kiddos for a night to yourself.
  • Call a friend (yep, on that cell phone I used to complain about!)
  • Call their dad for some uninterrupted chat time.
  • Exercise! You can do some laps around the park or do lots of exercises with the actual playground equipment.
  • Do some Yoga
  • As long as we’re talking about activity, play chase with your kids. That burns off some calories.
  • Or . . . the ultimate entertainment . . . parxting :)!

1 Response to “Parxting”

  1. 1 Steve April 1, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Parxting…Great term and honestly works just as well for dads. My childern complain when I do not give them the room to play and hover about them so it is a great time to get in a little socializing while they are enjoying themselves. God knows you must still have some sort of social life even with childern. You should call websters and see if they will pick it up.

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